"Silence covers everything like a golden dust, except for a miniature summer concert: the thin violin of the gnats and the dusky cello of a bumblebee caught between the windowpanes."

The Post-Office Girl by Stefan Zweig translated by Joel Rotenburg

"Goodbye, 1973, hello, 1974. By the time the gig was over, the city was awake and the sky was pearl gray. I'd had it. I'd sung myself hoarse. I was even too tired to go by the dopeman's house. All I wanted was to catch a cab, get to the hotel, give Donto a New Year's kiss, and sleep the day away." 

Rage to Survive by Etta James with David Ritz

"My friendship with Leonard began with me invoking the laws of love: the ones that involve expectancy. 'We are one,' I decided shortly after we met. 'You are me, I am you, it is our obligation to save each other.' It took years for me to realize this sentiment was off the mark. What we are, in fact, is a pair of solitary travelers slogging through the country of our lives, meeting up from time to time at the outer limit to give each other border reports."

The Odd Woman and the City by Vivian Gornick

"Fordlandia is a small settlement on the River Tapajos in the Brazilian part of the Amazon, where Henry Ford set up a rubber industry in the 1920's. Mainly due to the resistance of nature the project failed and was abandoned some twenty years later. The film "Fordlandia" is a voyage of (de)colonization whereby the drifts and detours of modernity in uncertain places are highlighted, turning away from whatever their historical imaginaries were. The tensions between industrial and natural landscape are leveled off in a certain horizontality of hierarchies between form and content, and at the same time the animal resignifies possibilities the community of the living." 30-minute, single-channel HD video. At AGO to June 12, 2016.

Fordlandia (2014) by Melanie Smith

"Soon after, the bad news came to the city that there'd be a total eclipse of the sun the following year. Soothsayers predicted it would be a year full of misfortune, and if it was in fact true that Rengganis the Beautiful had been raped by a dog, then the catastrophes had already begun. The news spread like the plague until everyone in Halimunda had heard it, except for the Beautiful's father, poor Maman Gendeng. For the very first time, people looked at the thug with gazes of pity and woe."

Beauty is a Wound by Eka Kurniawan

"Isn't that always the way, that at the heart of the fire is a frozen kernel that the fire is trying--valiantly, fruitlessly--to eradicate."

The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud

"She wrote, 'The greater the crisis, it seems, the swifter the evolution.' She wrote, 'All transformation appears to be motivated by desperation and emergency.'"

The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert

"Instead of writing, I spent the morning drinking beer and reading Madame Bovary. Now I think the best thing I've done in recent years has been to drink a lot of beer and reread certain books with dedication, with an odd fidelity, as if something of my own beat within them, some clue to my destiny."

Ways of Going Home by Alejandro Zambra

"Life hangs out here. The pungent details are all around me. It is a paradise for the lover of gossip. Just one week later, I see another fight, at the very same bend in the road. All the touts in the vicinity join in this one. It is pandemonium, but a completely normal kind, and it fizzles out after about ten minutes. End of brawl. Everyone goes back to his normal business."

Every Day is for the Thief by Teju Cole

"Nothing excites him now but the arrangement of words, the composition of sentences in rhythms that stir him, the invention and inhabiting of characters in a world he has created for them--a world that has to be virtual in order to bear that other world, the real one."

The Age of Reinvention by Karine Tuil